About WellnessAdvocates.net

The Wellness Community encouraged Knowledge-Sharer and Author, Mary Anne, to facilitate the connection to and among anyone interested in holistic wellness.  This site was launched in conjunction with the book titled, COMPLETE HEALING, where Mary Anne shares some of the basics of healing the whole being, which includes all aspects of mind, body, and soul.

WellnessAdvocates.net is a simple bridge for people of like mind to find each other. 

This is your Wellness Directory!   Everything in ONE place for your mind, body and soul!

Find and connect with all Wellness Providers, Services, Products and Events!  Just use the menus!

General comments and questions not related to a listing can be sent to Email@WellnessAdvocates.net.

The Founder of this site, Mary Anne, can be reached via her company website's contact links on AnniePress.com.